Apr 18, 2010

Total Fun

Well, things are progressing toward moving back to the States. Slowly, but all things happen in their own time here in Peru.

I took Celeste to the vet to see what was required for her to get a health certificate. Oh. My. God. At first, the vet said it would cost about $150 for everything. Then things changed. The well-cared for, healthy dog that he saw just a few months ago suddenly was down on her weight and needed the most expensive dog food on the market to get her weight up, which he just happens to sell. And she suddenly has fungus all over her body - that's why her hair is falling out; nothing to do with the fact that she's shedding in her regular shedding schedule (twice a year, in spring and fall), and I must buy these expensive anti-fungal treatments, which hejust happens to sell, of course. Oh, and what about a crate? If I don't have one, he'll be glad to order one for me, at a cost of $400, plus $50 for the mandatory "disinfection of crate" cerificate. Holy Crap. I watched his eyes light up as he punched in numbers on his calculator. If I take all his advice, we'll be approaching $1000 dollars to take Celeste to the US. I think this is a scam. So....

I said okay to the fungus treatment. Maybe I don't know everything there is to know about Peruvian dog fungus. But I draw the line at $400 dog crates and dog food made of gold. If the crate is actually that expensive, I'll give my money to someone else and not give the vet the satisfaction of getting my entire paycheck. We're going to visit the airport this weekend to see about that mandatory crate disinfection certificate that the vet is planning to charge me for. All the airline wants is a health certificate and proof of rabies vaccine. That's all the US customs wants. That's all the State of Wyoming wants.

I've never seen anyone be so blatant about gouging a customer in my life.

And I gave my notice at work this past week. It was a sad, tearful thing for me, much harder for me than I anticipated. The administrator Told me that I was wlcome to return to teach at any time and that my record as a teacher was stellar. The academic head promised me a letter of recommendation and a statement of work for my resumé. That was very nice.

And now, I have to set about getting some things sent home and deciding what goes to the states, what gets sent to Omar's family in trujillo, and what goes in the trash. We're having gangs of fun here!


aighmeigh said...

Sounds ridiculously frustrating! I hope things smooth out for you with this... it's too bad you can't lie and say you need some other kind of documentation. I'm sure that as soon as they hear "US" the prices will skyrocket.

Jude said...

Terrible....but very exciting news...I hope everything works out well, keep in contact..

Pondside said...

One step at a time - one foot after another - one box packed and out the door after another. You'll get through it all and be home with stories to last you a lifetime. When you get home I hope you'll start to think about a trip north sometime.

knittingdragonflies said...

How rude of the vet! Hopefully everything will run more smoothly. It is hard to leave your job and friends you have made there. We are excited to see you coming back!!
It will be a culture shock!

Rani said...

Give away, put away, throw away - that's what Flylady says about decluttering and moving.

WOW! I have been away from your blog for far too long. I can't believe the nerve of that vet. Grrrrr. Would he rather you abandon the dog to the streets!? (like you ever would, but still. . . )

Damn. For $200 bucks you could probably bribe a vet to just give you the certificate! What a butthead.

Anyway, I'm off to catch up on your posts.

Good luck in the moved!

marit said...

Good luck with the move! I hope you get Celeste with you too, at a reasonable prize!

Heather said...

Moving is exhausting and difficult, even in the best of circumstances.
...of course you're feeling overwhelmed and emotional!!
Please be gentle with yourself during this difficult phase.
Best of luck!

Margaret Cloud said...

I can't believe a vet would try and pull that crap on a customer, just to make extra bucks. Hope things go okay for you and if you need help with the expense let me know, Celeste is worth it. It probably sad to give notice and leave friends and students behind you have grown fond of.